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Fishing Gear

Throw a line in while sailing in the Whitsundays and try to catch yourselves some dinner! All of Whitsunday Escape’s fleet are fitted with rod holders for your fishing enjoyment.

Rods and tackle boxes are available for hire and will be available for collection from our office upon your arrival to check in at the marina.

Order well in advance to ensure availability!



Hire Fishing Gear

Fishing Rods

$70 / 7 nights

Rods & Reels:

  • quality spinning reels with 30lb line
  • sturdy boat rods

Tackle Box

$30 each

Basic tackle box includes:

  • knife
  • pliers
  • swivels
  • sinkers
  • hooks

Handline Pack

$45 / 7 nights

  • 3 handlines with 80lb line
  • mini tackle box with extra hooks, sinkers and finger guards

 Frozen bait is available to purchase at the marina kiosk or chandlery.



You are welcome to bring your own fishing gear or you can rent quality spinning reels and rods through Whitsunday Escape.

Fishing in the Whitsundays

Recreational fishing is permitted at most of the Whitsunday islands and no licence is required to fish in the marine waters of Queensland. However, we are governed by zoning regulations which apply to Great Barrier Reef waters. Zoning maps are provided on board every boat for your reference.

Fishing Zoning Map PDF


Fishing Closures

Fishing closures for spawning aggregation apply for all coral reef fin fish species found on the Great Barrier Reef. During closure times, fishing for certain species of reef fish is prohibited and hefty fines apply.

Fishing for game fish species is still permitted during these periods. Before fishing for any coral reef fin fish species, visit the Queensland Government Department of Agriculture & Fisheries to find out more information.


Year Fishing Closure 1 Fishing Closure 2
2024 30 September – 4 October 29 October – 2 November
2025 TBA TBA

Spear Fishing

Spear fishing is only permitted in very limited areas of the Whitsundays.

It would not be worth bringing spear guns as the visibility in the small permitted areas is usually poor.

Find out where you are allowed to spear fish:

Whitsunday Spearfishing Map

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