Approved Overnight Anchorages - Whitsunday Escape
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Approved Overnight Anchorage

Anchorages protected from all wind directions up to 35 knots

Hamilton Island Hamilton Harbour C22 Inside Harbour (Booking required)
Hook Island Macona Inlet C10a 1, 2 (Caution, extensive reef)
Hook Island Nara Inlet C10b 1, 2, 3 (Caution, extensive reef)
Whitsunday Island Gulnare Inlet C20 1. May only enter on a rising tide
Long Island Palm Bay C 4 Inside Lagoon (booking required)
Mainland Abel Pt C1 Inside marina

Anchorages protected from the North and North-Easterlies

Daydream Island Mooring outside Marina C8 Moorings only (Booking required) N/NE winds up to 20 knts
Whitsunday Island Beach 25 C20 2
Whitsunday Island Chance Bay C25 1, 2 (caution extensive reef)
Whitsunday Island Turtle Bay C24 1, 2, 3, 4
Whitsunday Island Dugong Inlet C19 3
Hook Island Mackerel Bay C14/15 4 (uncomfortable over 15 knots)
Hook Island Saba Bay C14/15 6 (caution extensive reef)
Hook Island Stonehaven C12 1, 2 in N/E only
Lindeman Island Plantation Bay S2 1
Shaw Island Billbob Bay S3 4, 5 (vessel survey may not allow)
Shaw Island Neck Bay S3 2 N/E winds only
Shaw Island S3 1, 2 N/E winds only
Thomas Island Anchorage 2 S6 3 (vessel survey may not allow)

Anchorages protected from the South and South-Easterlies

Border Island Cateran Bay C29 1 Moorings or anchorage (uncomfortable in winds over 20 knts)
Daydream Island Daydream Moorings C8 Moorings only (Booking required) Light SE winds up to 15 knots
Haslewood Island Chalkie’s Beach C26 2 Deep and difficult to anchor
Haslewood Island Windy Bay C31 3
Hayman Island Blue Pearl Bay C13b 2 (caution deep anchorage) or on moorings
Hook Island Butterfly Bay C14/15 2 or on moorings
Hook Island Maureen’s Cove C14/15 3 or on moorings
Hook Island Observatory C17 1 Only anchor well west of the observatory jetty
Hook Island Stonehaven C12 1 or on moorings
2 or on moorings
3 Best in strong winds
Lindeman Island Boat Port S1 3 Light conditions
Lindeman Island Gap Beach S1 5 (ok up to 15 to 20 knots)
Long Island Happy Bay C4 1 or on moorings
Long Island Palm Bay Resort C4 Moorings only, booking essential
Mainland Double Bay West N12 2
Mainland Double Bay East N13 1, 2 (caution reef)
Mainland Funnel Bay C2 1, 2 (shallow in areas)
Mainland Woodwark Bay N14 1, 2, 3
Mainland Airlie Beach C1 1, 2, 3 & Whitsunday Escape moorings usually available outside marina (contact office)
Shaw Island Burning Point S3 3
Shaw Island Neck Bay S2 2 (strong current)
South Molle Island Bauer Bay (Resort) C9a 1 Eastern side of the jetty
Moorings available
Whitsunday Island Cid Harbour C19 1, 2
Whitsunday Island Mays Bay C18 1
Whitsunday Island Tongue Bay C27 1 or on moorings (caution beach access not possible at low tide)
Whitsunday Island Apostle Bay C28 May have side swell
Whitsunday Island Whitehaven Beach C26 1
Whitsunday Island Beach 25 C20 2 Shallow close inshore


Further anchorages and moorings available for daytime light weather conditions only

Black Island C12 Moorings only (Caution Reef)
Esk Island C27 Moorings only
Dumbell Island C29 Moorings only
Henning Island C20 Moorings only
Langford Reef C12 Moorings or anchorage (caution reef is close to moorings)
Hook Island False Nara C11 Moorings only
(Caution Reef)
Hook Island Curlew Beach C10 Anchorage only
Hook Island Manta Ray Bay C14/15 Moorings ONLY (Caution some moorings are for dinghies only and are in shallow water).
Hook Island Pinnacle Bay C14/15 Moorings only
Hook Island Luncheon Bay C14/15 Moorings only
Hazelwood Island Katie’s Cove C26 Anchorage only (shallow areas)
Maher Island West Side only S2 Light conditions only
Whitsunday Island Betty’s Beach C27 Anchor Outside Hill Inlet
Whitsunday Island Whitehaven Beach C27 Anchor anywhere along beach
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